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Address Updates

Whether you’re a retiree, surviving spouse or joint pensioner, it’s important that you stay in touch with PG&E to make sure you get your benefits.

Have a pension?
Retirees Log in to the online PG&E Pension Center or call the PG&E Pension Call Center at 1-800-700-0057.
Surviving spouses and joint pensioners Call the PG&E Pension Call Center at 1-800-700-0057.
Don’t have a pension—but have retiree medical or life insurance?
Retirees, surviving spouses and joint pensioners

Log in to your Mercer BenefitsCentral account:

Call the PG&E Benefits Service Center at 1-866-271-8144.

Don’t call your medical plan claims administrator with address updates. They can’t update your address on file. Instead, they have to get updates directly from PG&E.