Lactation Rooms (Formerly Mothers’ Rooms) at Work

We realize breastfeeding is a natural and beneficial source of nutrition that provides the healthiest start for an infant. If your coworker chooses to breastfeed their child, Pacific Gas and Electric Company (PG&E) offers a supportive environment to enable coworkers to express milk during work hours.

By law, you are required to provide a reasonable amount of time to accommodate your coworkers' needs to express breast milk for their infant child. Lactating coworkers should limit business disruptions by taking milk expression breaks using normal breaks when possible or other times as agreed upon with the supervisor. Any hours outside of normal breaks shall be paid time up to thirty minutes. Any time greater than thirty minutes and outside of normal, paid rest breaks will be unpaid per expression break.

All supervisors should promote a positive atmosphere of support for lactating employees. Please review and share PG&E’s Lactation Rooms Standard* and list of lactation room locations throughout the company with your pregnant and lactating employees. Please note: If your employee has network access issues when she returns, the Mothers’ Room Outlook calendars are open to anyone in the company, so you may make calendar reservations on her behalf. Further information may also be found on this Five Minute Meeting.* Please use this form to discuss your employee's milk expression needs.

If there isn't a designated space at your employee's work location, please work with your employee, the Accommodations team and the Facilities Management Office to identify a location that meets legal requirements at minimum (see Mothers' Room Standard*) prior to her return to work. The employee should email the Accommodations team to arrange for a temporary Mothers’ Room and someone from the Facilities Management Office will be in contact with you during your employee’s leave to finalize arrangements. If available, employees may also choose to express milk in their own private offices.

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