Short-Term Disability

As part of our commitment to the health and safety of our employees, PG&E offers a Short-Term Disability benefits so you can take time off from work, receive paid benefits during your absence and focus on getting well. If you have a non-work- related illness or injury that prevents you from working for more than seven consecutive calendar days, you may need to take a Short-term Disability (STD) leave. PG&E’s STD policy provides pay and job protection during your leave.

PG&E's LOA programs and STD benefit are administered by Sedgwick Claims Management Services, Inc., a global leader that specializes in disability and leave of absence services. For assistance with your STD leave — including requesting a new leave or for help processing an existing leave — contact Sedgwick at 1-855-732-8217. Representatives and leave and disability specialists are available Monday through Friday from 5 a.m.–5 p.m. Pacific time.

Additionally, you can access your STD leave request status anytime through viaOne® voice, Sedgwick's interactive voice response system by calling 1-855-732-8217 or online through viaOne Express.

IBEW- and SEIU-Represented Employees

Click here for information about leaves of absence, as the benefits and process described below, do not apply to you.

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Sedgwick — PG&E's leave of absence and disability service center.
5 a.m.–5 p.m. PT

PG&E Benefits Service Center — For questions about the Health Account Plan (HAP), billing and more.
7:30 a.m.–5 p.m. PT

California State Disability Insurance – For questions regarding the Employee Development Department’s State Disability Insurance program.

PG&E Leave Team — Provides leave of absence support to employees, leaders and timekeepers.


PG&E Corporation sponsors a disability plan that provides employees of PG&E Corporation with Short-Term and Long-Term Disability benefits. The plan is insured and administered by The Standard Insurance Company. Click here for information about your Short-Term Disability benefits.

Get started

A leave of absence will need to be initiated through Sedgwick (855-732-8217) to start the short-term disability process with The Standard. Sedgwick will send the applicable STD forms to you in order to start the process, if appropriate. You will need to contact The Standard Insurance Company directly in order to provide the needed information to open the STD claim. If you remain disabled under the terms of the Corporation Disability plan beyond the term of your short-term disability benefits, The Standard will evaluate your eligibility for LTD benefits. You will work directly with The Standard on this process.

Click here for information about your LTD group policy information.

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The PG&E STD policy is comprised of two elements: Capped Sick time and STD Wage Continuation (supplemental) benefits (PG&E STD Wage Continuation benefits supplement benefits received under the California State Disability Insurance (CA SDI) program). PG&E pays the full cost of Capped Sick time and STD supplemental benefits. You already pay for the cost of coverage for CA SDI through payroll deductions on an after-tax basis.

STD Wage Continuation provides supplemental income replacement (up to 70% after-tax) of your basic wage rate prior to disability and Capped Sick time provides full income replacement if you are an eligible employee and have a non-work related illness or injury that makes you unable to work for more than seven consecutive days. You may be eligible for up to 52 weeks of STD leave.

New STD policy

The STD policy applies to eligible management, administrative & technical and ESC-represented employees who have a new qualifying event on or after January 1, 2017. If your medical leave began prior to 2017, you remain eligible under 2016 leave of absence policies. If you have a capped sick time bank available, you will continue to use and exhaust this capped bank and apply for CA SDI benefits.

Pregnancy is a covered event and the STD policy provides benefits to prepare for childbirth and recovery from delivery. Generally, you may begin receiving STD benefits up to 4 weeks prior to your expected delivery date to prepare for delivery. For recovery from delivery (regular delivery is covered for 6 weeks; C-section is covered for 8 weeks) from the date of birth.

If you are an intern, hiring hall, temporary or intermittent employee who has not attained regular status, you are not eligible under the STD policy. However, you may be eligible for CA SDI benefits or an unpaid leave of absence under the Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA), California Family Rights Act (CFRA), California Pregnancy Disability Leave Act (PDL) or other similar state or local leave law.


As soon as you know of your need for a STD leave (i.e. you will be absent for your own medical condition for more than seven consecutive calendar days), notify your supervisor and Sedgwick, including the estimated length of your absence.

Note: You must provide at least 30 days advanced notice of your leave, if your leave is foreseeable. If notice is not given, your leave could be delayed or denied.

Apply for State Disability Insurance (SDI). The best place to start is by going to their website:

Work with your supervisor on any work to be transitioned during your leave. Keep in mind, you are not required to provide any details about your medical condition to your supervisor.

When on STD, your electronic access permissions will be disabled (including Citrix, VPN and mobile mail), as required by PG&E. When you return from STD, your electronic access permissions will be re-enabled. Make sure to provide your contacts with a personal email address, for any non-work related emails you need to receive while on STD.

Review your department's guidelines for out of office notifications.

If you have 3 months or more of performance history during the calendar year and will be on a STD leave that will extend over the Mid-year or Year-end evaluation period, performance to date should be documented in iConnect Performance. If possible, you should provide your manager with names of feedback providers prior to leaving on a planned LOA.

If you do not follow the process and complete the steps to report and certify your absence in a timely manner, you may disqualify yourself from being eligible to receive benefits and job protection under PG&E's STD Leave provisions or under the Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA), the California Family Rights Act (CFRA), the Pregnancy Disability Act (PDL) or other federal, state or company leaves.

In addition, if you are out for an FMLA-related reason and do not report the absence as required, it will not be recorded as qualifying for job protection under FMLA or a related state leave law.


To request a Short-term Disability (STD) Leave of Absence, please contact Sedgwick at 1-855-732-8217. You can also request your STD leave online at viaOne Express* or by visiting PG&E@Work For Me and select About Me > My Leaves > Sedgwick's viaOne Express*. Doing so will start initiate the process to determine what benefits you may be eligible for, including STD or other job protection provided for by company, local, state or federal regulations. You will be contacted by your Sedgwick disability specialist shortly after applying for your STD leave, to discuss the process and your request for STD.

Note: To avoid delays in processing your leave, be prepared to provide your personnel number.

*You'll need to create a username and password if logging in directly to Sedgwick site. See the viaOne® Express employee user guide for additional details.

Capped Sick time, when used for more than 7 consecutive calendar days, is a component of the STD policy and follows the same time frames and processes (i.e. medical certification, etc.). To remain eligible to use Capped Sick time beyond 7 calendar days, you must apply for STD.

If your capped sick time will not last for your entire absence, you also need to apply for California State Disability Insurance (SDI) which you can do by going to their website or submitting a paper form by mail. Written notice of your SDI benefit determination is required as part of the STD process, so don’t skip this step. The employer's address to use on the form is 1850 Gateway Blvd., 7th Floor, Concord, CA 94520.

After you apply for a STD leave, Sedgwick will send a STD Leave package to your mailing address. Review all materials in this package.

If you have questions please call Sedgwick at 1-855-732-8217. You can view the package sent to online with viaOne Express.

As soon as you have a “Notice of Computation” for SDI benefits, submit a copy to Sedgwick. If you are eligible for STD Wage Continuation benefits, Sedgwick will assume you are receiving the maximum SDI benefit until you provide this information.

Approval of your STD Leave is based on information your Physician provides and if your condition qualifies under the STD policy and/or under a federal, state or local leave.

You will not need to file a separate leave of absence with the leave and disability administrator for FMLA/CFRA or PDL medical leave (or any other similar or local leave law). Your eligibility for FMLA, CFRA or PDL will be reviewed based on your request for STD leave and applicable documentation received. If you are qualified, you will be notified of your FMLA, CFRA or PDL running concurrently with your STD leave. Note: Being approved for STD leave does not extend the maximum leave period available under any federal, state, local leave law or company leave policy. See the Summary of Benefits Handbook for more information on qualifying reasons to take leave under each leave type.

Sedgwick will notify you and your manager of the final determination for STD leave and/or federal, state or local leave (i.e., approved or denied) and if additional documentation or clarification is needed prior to a final determination. If you are denied, and have taken, or need time away from work, contact your supervisor to discuss your next steps.

STEP 3: DURING YOUR Short-term disability LEAVE

For more information on your eligibility for health benefits, the cost of those benefits during your leave, and your options to pay for those benefits, see the benefits during your leave information or call the PG&E Benefits Service Center at 1-866-271-8144.

Use Capped Sick time (2008) until exhausted. STD Wage Continuation benefits will start if and when capped sick is exhausted and after the 7 day waiting period has been fulfilled.

If Capped Sick time ends and STD decision is pending, you can use vacation pay however, an overpayment of could occur with this option if STD is later approved.

If you are overpaid during your STD leave, you will be notified by Sedgwick and you must follow the instructions they provide in order to repay the overpayment.

More information on how to record your time during STD can be found here.


Changing your STD leave dates:

If your leave start date changes, you need to change your leave end date (to an earlier date), return to work early, or extend your leave you must contact Sedgwick immediately and in advance of your current estimated/approved leave end date. Be prepared to provide Sedgwick with your Release to Return to Work form. You will need to provide an updated Medical Certification form to re-certify your extended leave in advance of your current estimated/approved leave end date.

Note: Not providing timely notice of an earlier return to work date could result in an overpayment of STD benefits.

Canceling your STD leave:

If your STD leave needs to be canceled, you must contact Sedgwick immediately.

Notify your supervisor of any of the leave date changes as noted above (start, early end, extension, etc.) under the same parameters as you are notifying Sedgwick.


Preparing to return to work:

Ensure your Release to Return to Work form is completed by your attending physician prior to your Return to Work date. You are responsible for sending this form to Sedgwick as outlined in the form instructions. The form is included in your STD leave package and is available in your STD file in viaOne Express. Sedgwick will also mail a copy to you approximately two weeks before your return to work date.

If you return to work under a part-time or1 or reduced workweek2 leave, you must report your intermittent or reduced workweek absences.

1 An occasional absence where you are certified by your Health Care Provider (HCP) to miss a few hours or day or two of work. Absences could be planned in the case of an appointment or scheduled treatment or unplanned or unscheduled absences in the case of an exacerbation of your medical condition.

2 When you are certified by your HCP to work fewer hours or days you are scheduled.

An unplanned absence for illness or care must be reported to Sedgwick the same day the absence occurs.

A planned absence for treatment or appointments must be reported to your supervisor and Sedgwick 30 days in advance or as soon as the timing is known.

If you have intermittent or reduced workweek hours to report during a regular workday or mandatory overtime shift, you need to record the date of absence and the number of hours missed by:


  • You must also follow your department guidelines for reporting all absences.
  • You must make a reasonable effort and work with your supervisor to schedule these absences around business needs (e.g., during non-peak work days/hours, before or after work, etc.).
  • If you fail to follow these steps, the time you are away may not be considered for protection under FMLA/CFRA.

Call your supervisor to:

  • Confirm your return and discuss any restrictions or accommodations needed for your return;
  • Arrange for DOT testing if your classification of work falls under the Department of Transportation (DOT) requirements and you have been on a leave of absence greater than 30 days unpaid and;
  • Discuss any system and building access restoration you may need.

If you have questions about returning with restrictions, please call the Stay-At-Work/Return-to-Work Team at 925-459-7270.

First day back at work:

Complete any office related steps (e.g., update your email and voicemail message(s)) when you return to work. Meet with your supervisor to discuss instructions to prepare your office when you return to work.

Review MyElectronicAccess for system access questions (i.e., SAP) and for building access questions go to MyPhysicalAccess. Note that you must be logged into the PG&E network in order to view this information. For any issues, contact the TSC at 415-973-9000.

To determine what changes can or should be made to your health care benefits upon returning from your STD leave, log into your Mercer BenefitsCentral account or call the PG&E Benefits Service Center at 1-866-271-8144.

Determine if you need to reinstate any recurring deductions. Action may be needed if had any of the following prior to your unpaid leave starting:

Campaign for the Community

Contributions ended the day prior to your STD leave start date and will not resume automatically. If you would like to resume your contributions, please contact the Campaign Customer Service Line at 1-888-973-4438 5 a.m. to 5 p.m. Pacific time.

Commuter Transit

You may have chosen to stop your Commuter Transit Program benefit deductions during your leave. If you suspended your commuter transit deductions during your leave and want to reinstate the deductions, review the Commuter Transit Program information.

Union Dues

If you are a union-represented employee, your union dues will continue while receiving Capped Sick time. Once you are eligible for STD Wage Continuation benefits, your union dues will be reduced to $9 per month.

Fidelity Investment (401(k) Plan)

While receiving PG&E STD, 401(k) contributions continued at your current designation and you are eligible to receive 401(k) matches on STD wage continuation benefit payments. Your contributions will automatically resume when you return from leave. If you have questions relating your 401(k), please contact Fidelity Investments by calling at 1-877-743-4015 or at