Child Care

PG&E understands that juggling child-rearing responsibilities with the demands of work can take a toll on many parents’ personal and professional lives. You want peace of mind knowing that your loved ones are in good hands while you're at work. That’s why PG&E offers a number of resources to help you find day care for your child.

PG&E’s Children Center – San Francisco

If you are a regular, full-time employee of PG&E Company or PG&E Corporation who works in downtown San Francisco, you are eligible to apply for child care services at the Children’s Center. Your child must also be your legal dependent or you must have physical custody of the child.

PG&E's Children's Center provides day care for children ranging from six weeks to five years of age. The center is located at the 77 Beale Street, San Francisco facility, and is managed by an external vendor, Bright Horizons Family Solutions.

In order to ensure fair access, the center uses an admissions lottery to fill vacated spaces. Spaces are full time, non-transferable and cannot be shared.

If you would like more information or an application, please call the Children’s Center at 415-972-5535. You may also check out the Children’s Center by watching this video.

Additionally, if your regular child care is unavailable, Bright Horizons’ allows PG&E employees who work in the San Francisco General Office access to the Children’s Center on a drop-in basis for children ages 6 weeks to 5 years old. Learn more by viewing the Drop-in Care flyer.

Looking for ways to save on day care expenses?

From day care and preschool to summer day camps and after-school child care, the Dependent Care Flexible Spending Account allows you to set aside before-tax funds for your child’s day care expenses so you can work. See the Spending Accounts page for more information.

Need help finding child care resources?

The Employee Assistance Program (EAP) has a number of resources to help you find child care options in your area, help you plan for returning to work and more. Call the EAP at 1-888-445-4436 or visit the EAP page for more information.