Alternate Work Schedule

PG&E is committed to effective and efficient workplace practices to meet customer and employee needs. Providing workplace flexibility options is a part of that commitment.

Alternative work schedules are voluntary and preapproved by company management. They are weekly work schedules that differ from the standard eight-hour day/five-day workweek. Two alternative work schedule options are available:

  • 4/10 schedule
  • 9/80 schedule

Managers of nonexempt, non-bargaining unit employees should contact HR Delivery for guidance on how to implement a valid alternate work schedule.

If you are a management, A&T or ESC employee who works in the city and county of San Francisco, you may request a temporary flexible or predictable working arrangement to care for family members under the San Francisco Family Friendly Workplace Ordinance.

If you have any questions, contact the HR Service Center at 415-973-4357.

Related Steps, Documents and Resources

Read the Alternative Work Schedule Standard. Note, you will need network access to view this link.