Lactation Rooms (Formerly Mothers’ Rooms) at Work

Congratulations on the new addition to your family! PG&E is proud to be a multi-award-winning Healthy Mothers Workplace. In recognition of the natural, beneficial source of nutrition and healthy start that breastfeeding provides for an infant, PG&E offers a supportive environment to enable lactating coworkers to express milk, breastfeed or chestfeed during work hours.

Lactation Rooms

If you choose to breastfeed or chestfeed your child, you may take advantage of the many lactation rooms located throughout the PG&E territory. You will need to request the code to access the rooms at least 10 business days prior to your return to work (please include your LAN ID for verification purposes). Please note: If you have network access issues when you return, the Lactation Rooms Outlook calendars are open to anyone in the company, so you may ask a co-worker or supervisor to make calendar reservations on your behalf.

Please take a chance to read the lactation room etiquette prior to use. PG&E provides a multi-user, hospital-grade breast pump in most of its designated lactation rooms to assist breastfeeding coworkers with milk expression during work hours—reference the lactation room list to see if your lactation room is equipped.

It is the coworkers responsibility to bring their own pump attachment parts. These efficient pumps can minimize the amount of time needed to express milk, help with milk production and prevent the need to carry your own pump to work every day. Multi-user pumps are designed to be safe for multiple users, but it’s always best to consult with your doctor or certified lactation consultant prior to use. Coworkers who use this breast pump must complete this waiver form and send to their Supervisor prior to use.

Visitors who use the breast pump must complete this waiver form and email it to Wellness prior to use.

Temporary Lactation Rooms

If there isn’t a designated lactation room at your work location, please submit the Temporary Lactation Room Request form to the Accommodations team at least 30 days prior to your return to work so appropriate accommodations can be made. If available, you may also choose to express milk in your own private office.


By law, your supervisor is required to provide you a reasonable amount of time for milk expression. Lactating coworkers should limit business disruptions by taking milk expression breaks using normal breaks when possible or other times as agreed upon with the supervisor. Any time greater than thirty minutes and outside of normal, paid rest breaks break will be unpaid per expression break. You may use the Maternity Leave Transition plan form to discuss your milk expression needs with your supervisor. For more information, please review the PG&E’s Lactation Rooms Standard.*

Traveling and Offsite Meetings

If you’re attending an offsite company meeting or traveling to a PG&E office without a designated lactation room, contact the meeting planner to request a space be made available for expressing milk.

For more information, contact Wellness.

*Note, you will need network access to view this document.


Click here for information about how you get a free breast pump through the Health Account Plan (HAP), as well as information on the company-provided pump in designated mothers' rooms.

Have a used pump you no longer need? Send your pumps to Healthy Horizons; they’ll sanitize and refurbish the pumps to donate to low-income moms. Click here for details.

If you need help finding child care in your neighborhood, PG&E's Employee Assistance Program (EAP) offers resources to help you.

Looking for more information on postpartum depression? Contact PG&E's Employee Assistance Program (EAP). You can also visit our website for helpful articles—just type postpartum depression in the search bar.

If you work in the downtown San Francisco area, consider PG&E's Children's Center for child care.